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As a trusted colleague, I can always count on Denise to weed through my symptoms and come up with the perfect solution. She has an incredible ability to understand and make sense of complex issues, and advise in a logical, easy to understand manner. With her wisdom, she also dispenses a great deal of humor, that is medicine alone when one does not feel well. I am always enlightened by her advice, that puts me on track to heal, knowing that the advice always abides by the laws of nature.

ETL, HHP, NCBT, LSH   Energy Therapist, Quantum Biofeedback Therapist

Denise has helped me with her healing hands massage for 5 years now. I have fibromyalgia and she wa so professional and caring at the same time. She remembers from week to week how I like my massages. She ALWAYS asks me where do you hurt today? Then she knows where to go from there. Denise always suggests different ways to help me with supplements to home remedies but has never tried to sell me. She is sincere and I highly recommend her services.

Cassie W; Vista, CA

"I highly recommend Denise for massage. Wonderful!

PH, Vista, CA

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